Welcome to the Inside of My Head

It’s a Friday evening as I sit here on my computer, getting way too distracted by listening to music and dancing as I sit here. Welcome to the world of Alysa Bradshaw, I tend to get distracted by things when trying to do another thing, you know the general. Never in my life have I ever thought I would write a blog but it came to me that it might actually be cool but what can I write about that is going to be different from every other blog in the world? I’m not a skin care junky, the quicker the routine the better. Not really into makeup that much, again the quicker the better which in turn means that I don’t wear any. Hair care? I got nothing. What I do know, yoga and music and well mostly myself. What did I come down to writing a blog about? I decided why not make my blogs like a journal entry? Just me blabbing on about things I might be going through, things that I love, just like I would in my journal. Maybe to some this seems a bit ridiculous but I see it as vulnerability and honesty. A way to show that I am human too, I have these emotions, I lose myself and need to be grounded once more. Well here you go world, my first blog post, nothing special but to a new chapter of life!