The Isolation of COVID-19

I get it, we're tired of hearing about it. I am too - I have refused to watch any form of media about it. Especially since everything is just "he said she said." But I promise you this not me giving you any sort of information because I know NOTHING.

This whole thing sucks. We are stuck in our homes, have lost jobs and are constantly bombarded with media trying to scare the daylights out of us about the hidden danger that awaits us if we even step a toe outside. We are forbidden to see our families and friends - which in someways seems like a new form of love in order to keep everyone safe but also sometimes is another burden. It's not been easy on any of us. I've had days where I spent most of my day crying and that's what we should be doing. Releasing all those pent up emotions we would normally hold in.

I believe that this whole pandemic happened because we as a collective needed to go within. To look at what we are creating in our lives and in the world. How we treat each other and ourselves. How we treat our beautiful planet. The things we put too high on pedestals and what's actually important.

We have to look within. It's not easy, trust me. To look at the thing you have been unconscious of but in order for us to get to a better "normal," this must be done. There are things in our world that aren't going to change overnight (ex: capitalism) but if we all change something we do, it'll create a wave. Mother Earth needs us to treat her and each other better.

Yes, I know this all sounds like I'm lecturing everyone. I'm just a crazy hippie lady. And I'm not even sitting here saying that you have to listen to me, listen to yourself. Feel YOUR truth. Not the truth that the world sells us or the lies we tell ourselves. And here's where the change will begin. As people, we have to work together.